I drew this illustration depicting a certain well-known band performing a printing process inspired twist on their biggest hit for my own personal amusement.

Shortly after first publishing it online I was contacted by their lawyer and we had a whole back-and-forth thing about ‘fair use’ and ‘satire’ and whether I was actually breaking any laws, and he told me I had to take it down or else he’d pursue legal action, but we discussed it some more and I think now it’s fine to share so long as I put a disclaimer on her. So legally I’d like to point out that I am not affiliated with the Village People, who own the copyright and trademark to their likeness, and this image is purely intended as a dumb play on words and an attempt to bring a little bit of joy to people’s lives. Honestly, of all the bands in the world who you think would have a sense of humour about their appearance… but hey, at least the whole thing ‘cease and desist’ thing has provided me with a pretty good anecdote to bust out in the pub.

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